Saltillo Pavers must be cleaned or stripped by hand only! This includes all types of Mexican pavers; Saltillos, Tecate Pavers, French Terracotta, Concrete Pavers, Spanish Pavers, and all other soft terracotta tile.

The Saltillo tiles by it’s nature is an extremely soft tile. Any type of scrubber other than a soft nylon bristle brush will scratch, scuff or in the worst case grind down the paver. The Mexican Paver forms a crust during the firing process. This crust is the smoothest and least absorbent part of the tile. It is absolutely imperative that this crust not be removed during cleaning or stripping of the tile. Any area of the tile with the crust removed will be dull even after the shiny sealer has been applied. Furthermore that dulled out area will be subject to staining due to the loss of crust.

There are no commercially available strippers that will allow a build up of sealer to be removed from the Saltillo Paver and the grout with only a soft brush. It is for this reason that Seal Systems: has their own stripper custom made for them. The stripper must be strong enough to melt the existing sealer on it’s own with only mild agitation with a soft brush. The stripper used by Seal Systems has no ability to damage the terracotta in any way.   The resulting finished product, if done properly should be dramatic as evidenced by the following before pictures from:

Saltillo Pavers Stripping in Process

Saltillo Pavers during stripping process

Saltillo Pavers Strip and Seal Complete

Saltillo Pavers after strip and seal is complete


A good rule of thumb is to never allow any type of scrub machine or steam cleaner to be used on your Mexican Pavers either for cleaning or stripping at any time.  If you have any questions about your Saltillo Pavers or any other type of soft pavers please give Seal Systems a call or inquire by email.

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