Saltillo tiles and most other types of Mexican Pavers can be restored to an acceptable condition. The picture shows a worn Saltillo that has been repaired on one half of the tile. The partially repaired paver has not been sealed yet; this is simply a smart phone photo of paver done as a demonstration to a potential customer. After the tile is sealed the true beauty of the Saltillo will be fully revealed. Saltillos and other Mexican Pavers have a crust on the surface of the paver that can wear down due to heavy foot traffic. This wear on the Mexican Paver is especially prevalent in areas in the home where there is a change in walking direction as when turning a corner from one room to another. Another wear problem for the Saltillo paver is the spot where one stops and starts as in front of a refrigerator. Of course pivoting such as in front of the kitchen sink will wear the crust of the paver.

Saltillo Tiles

Worn Saltillo Tiles Can Be Restored

It goes without saying that a Mexican Paver can never be sanded or the crust will be removed entirely. If the crust of the Mexican Paver is sanded off, the tile will be ruined. If a tile cleaning contractor who is not well experienced in the restoration or stripping and resealing of Saltillo Tiles sands or grinds down the paver an entire paver installation can be damaged beyond repair in one afternoon.

Seal Systems has developed a proprietary process to restore the beauty of a Mexican Paver that has unsightly wear on the surface of the paver. We see Saltillo Mexican Paver floors removed far too often simply because the homeowner is not aware that almost any paver floor can be saved at a fraction of the cost of removal. Before you remove your Mexican Pavers please view our website and give us a call for a free demonstration and estimate on your Saltillo or other type of Mexican Paver.