Mexican Pavers

Mexican Pavers (Saltillo pavers, Tecate pavers, etc.) can be successfully stripped and resealed only if all of the old sealer is removed completely from both the tile and the grout joints. Stripping is a chemical process with absolutely no sanding or abrasion involved. The process is dust free and there is no damage to surrounding surfaces except for some possible need for touch up to painted baseboards. Seal Systems has developed the strongest, most effective stripper in the industry and has it commercially manufactured to our precise specifications. This product is not available through any store, contractors supply, janitorial supply or any other supplier and is not simply a private label product which is mass produced for various companies to use under their own name. While the stripper must be handled carefully by our fully trained staff, it is nonflammable and will leave behind no toxic residue. The stripper is a nonflammable solvent and will not harm tile or grout in any way. Read more

Grout Sealing

Seal Systems idea of clean enough and a tile installers idea of clean enough often differ greatly. Seal Systems will insure that your new tile installation is properly cleaned and detailed prior to sealing of the new grout. Seal Systems uses the finest premium quality breathing penetrating type grout sealer available. We spare no expense to provide our customers with the best possible seal on grout. While the sealer costs in excess of $100.00 per gallon, we apply it to the point of grout saturation and carefully wipe up any excess. Please see the grout sealing specifications which follow.  Read more

Grout Cleaning

Seal Systems has been cleaning and sealing grout in Dallas, Texas and the greater DFW areas since 1981. During that time we have seen every type of grout cleaning machine available; grout steam cleaning devices, rotary grout cleaning machines, reel type grout cleaning machine, etc. We have come to one simple conclusion; there is no process that does as good a job cleaning grout as good old fashioned human powered grout cleaning done on hands and knees with an industrial strength cleaner utilizing a reciprocal or back and forth scrubbing motion. This process insures that there will be no damage done to the grout, tile, or surrounding surfaces. Grout steam cleaning devices are becoming popular among carpet cleaners who have purchased a new attachment for their carpet steam cleaners. We also are seeing entrepreneurs and franchisees purchasing stand alone grout steam cleaning devices. For the most part the aforementioned people did not know what grout was a few short months ago, now they are experts. Read more

Grout Recoloring

An epoxy grout coloring material is hand applied to each grout joint. It is imperative that all grout be covered, including the critical junction where the grout meets the tile or stone. The need for full coverage causes some of the material to be deposited on the tiles themselves. This excess material is then carefully removed from the face of the tile or stone. There is no resulting damage to the tile or stone surface. Read more

Natural Stone

Seal Systems uses only premium quality breathing type sealers which will not trap moisture within the stone and will not interfere with the natural self cleansing calcification process of stones such as limestone. Read more

Saltillo Tiles

Saltillo Mexican Pavers are by far the most popular type of Mexican Paver. Seal Systems cleans and seals or strips and seals Saltillo Pavers far more than any other type of Mexican Paver. It is crucial that the Saltillo Tiles be properly sealed to protect the integrity of the soft Saltillo Paver. Sealing the Saltillo Tiles will help to prevent staining of the tile. Proper sealing of the Saltillo will greatly ease the future clean up and maintenance of your Saltillos. A clear shine on your Saltillo Tiles will allow the true beauty of the Saltillo to show. Saltillos also lend themselves to staining with any number of colors. Read more