Grout cleaning befor& after


  • Grout cleaning by hand protects the integrity of the grout
  • Grout cleaning by hand insures cleanest possible grout
  • Grout cleaning by hand restores color of grout


Grout cleaning done in Dallas, Texas and the greater DFW areas.


Seal Systems has been cleaning and sealing grout in Dallas, TX since 1981. During that time we have seen every type of grout cleaning machine available; grout steam cleaning devices, rotary grout cleaning machines, reel type grout cleaning machine, etc. We have come to one simple conclusion; there is no process that does as good a job cleaning grout as good old fashioned human powered grout cleaning done on hands and knees with an industrial strength cleaner utilizing a reciprocal or back and forth scrubbing motion. This process insures that there will be no damage done to the grout, tile, or surrounding surfaces. Grout steam cleaning devices are becoming popular among carpet cleaners who have purchased a new attachment for their carpet steam cleaners. We also are seeing entrepreneurs and franchisees purchasing stand alone grout steam cleaning devices. For the most part the aforementioned people did not know what grout was a few short months ago, now they are experts. Plainly and simply put grout steam cleaning devices either damage grout or they do not get the grout as clean as it can be. Grout steam cleaning devices do not employ any type of cleaning product, they clean by the force of steam pressure alone. If the pressure is not turned high enough the grout does not come properly clean. If the pressure is too high the steam pressure actually begins removing the surface layer of the grout. In some cases entire pieces of the grout are blown out of the grout joint. When the grout steam cleaning device gets close to cabinet toe kicks, walls, or baseboards damage to these surrounding surfaces occurs, or the grout at these points does not come clean. Hand scrubbing insures that the grout comes as clean as possible in all areas while doing absolutely no damage to the grout or surrounding surfaces. Grout scrubbing machines have declined in popularity of late. The problem is that they ride up on the higher surface of the tile, and the brushes or pads do not reach down to the bottom of the grout joint so the grout does not come clean. Even more problematic is the fact that if the tile is soft or if the floor is stone the tile or stone is damaged by the abrasive scrubbing acton. A grout scrubbing machine has no ability to get under cabinet overhangs, into corners, or next to walls and baseboards without damaging these surrounding surfaces. Scrub machines are notorious for throwing dirty residue up to three feet high on surrounding walls. Rinsing of the newly cleaned grout is of utmost importance. Soils that have been loosened must be picked up or the soil will settle back down into the grout. In fact improper rinsing can actually cause soil that was originally on the surface to be carried down deeply into the grout possibly creating a stain that cannot be removed. Seal Systems hand wipes all cleaner and soil suspended in the cleaner out of the grout joint before we begin the final rinsing with mop and bucket. This is just one more technique we employ to insure the best possible job.


All of the above information applies to cleaning grout on pavers or stone with the important additional caveat that steam cleaning will definitely damage the surface sealer on a Mexican Paver. The Mexican Paver is extremely soft and the steam pressure will actually damage the soft surface of the Paver. Steam cleaning will also damage most stone floors especially the softer travertine or limestone floors. Steam pressure enters into the capillaries and has no way to escape other than to cause expansion or breaking down of these miniature tunnels and caves in the stone. The crumbling of the stone from within does not become obvious until foot traffic eventually makes the broken down capillaries collapse from the pressure of the footfall. Scrub machines will damage Mexican Pavers and Natural Stone with their abrasive scrubbing and of course will make a mess of all surrounding surfaces. Hand cleaning and proper rinsing is even more important on Mexican Pavers and Natural Stone than on ceramic or porcelain tile.


The best news of all is that Seal System’s hand cleaning and grout sealing on ceramic and porcelain tile or Natural Stone and Mexican Pavers is actually less costly than having the work done by a steam cleaner or scrub machine. The result of hand cleaning is far better and we use only the best sealing products available. Please contact us for a free estimate or just to ask a few questions.

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