Grout Recoloring Benefits

  • Grout Recoloring restores discolored groutgrout recoloring before and after
  • Grout Recoloring corrects color shading on new grout
  • Grout Recoloring allows choice of a new color for grout
  • Grout Recoloring provides an epoxy seal

Grout Recoloring In Dallas, Texas and the greater DFW areas.

Application Method

An epoxy grout coloring material is hand applied to each grout joint. It is imperative that all grout be covered, including the critical junction where the grout meets the tile or stone. The need for full coverage causes some of the material to be deposited on the tiles themselves. This excess material is then carefully removed from the face of the tile or stone. There is no resulting damage to the tile or stone surface.

Old Grout

Often times old grout has become so soiled and discolored that it can not be cleaned well enough to be acceptable. Other times the grout is clean, but is simply an out dated or mismatching color. The grout can be recolored to look like new again! The grout recoloring process is permanent, and also provides an excellent seal which will guard against further discoloration. The grout is given a thorough cleaning using heavy duty industrial strength cleaners. The grout colorant is then applied. Seal Systems has the capability of cleaning and recoloring grout on up to 1500 square feet of tile or stone in one day. The floor can be walked on approximately two hours after the grout recoloring process has been completed.

New Grout

Each container of grout has wording which clearly states that due to job conditions new grout may have color shading. A number of factors can cause new grout to be discolored. Weather and humidity conditions, grout mixing methods, post grouting cleanup methods, bad grout, or even the tile itself can cause coloration or shading problems. In some cases the cause is obvious to the trained observer, in other cases the cause can never be determined. It is important to realize however, that any discoloration problem can be permanently rectified by recoloring the grout. The ancillary benefit to grout recoloring is that the recoloring process also seals the grout. In fact the epoxy grout recoloring material provides a seal which is superior to any grout sealer on the market today. Seal Systems has recolored over 250,000 square feet of brand new grout for builders and homeowners all over Dallas, Texas and the greater DFW areas. New grout that has been recolored is actually better than new!


Seal Systems is the only company in America that will guarantee grout recoloring for as long as your own your home. Of course this guarantee precludes using chemical solvents such as lacquer thinner or acetone on the grout. If another company’s grout coloring does not last it must then be chemically stripped off and then the grout coloring will need to be redone. This stripping and recoloring will be at 3 times the cost of the original recoloring, and to date there is no other company other than Seal Systems capable of a complete strip and recolor of failed grout coloring.

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