Grout Sealing In Benefits

  • Grout Sealing helps resist staining
  • Grout sealing eases cleaning
  • Grout Sealing helps retain original color of grout
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Grout Sealing Services In Dallas, Texas and the greater DFW areas.

Sealing New Grout

Seal Systems idea of clean enough and a tile installers idea of clean enough often differ greatly. Seal Systems will insure that your new tile installation is properly cleaned and detailed prior to sealing of the new grout. Seal Systems uses the finest premium quality breathing penetrating type grout sealer available. We spare no expense to provide our customers with the best possible seal on grout. While the sealer costs in excess of $100.00 per gallon, we apply it to the point of grout saturation and carefully wipe up any excess. Please see the grout sealing specifications which follow.

Clean and resurface Mexican Pavers

Many floors are in basically good condition and only require a heavy duty cleaning to remove surface soils, and an application of more sealer to bring back the shine. This is a quick and economical way to restore the beauty of a Mexican Paver floor. Cleaning and resurfacing should by performed periodically on any Paver installation.

Existing Grout

The challenge with existing grout is to get it as clean as possible so that it is ready to seal. This means using industrial strength chemicals which should be used by professionals only. Seal Systems will select the specific cleaner for each situation. Our expertise insures that the grout will come as clean as possible with no damage to the grout. In some cases where grout has become too stained it is necessary to recolor the grout See the page titled grout recoloring.

Grout Sealing Specifications:

Invisible, below surface, nonflammable sealer
Cures to form stain resistant seal

Invisible matte finish maintains natural grout appearance Non yellowing Will not harm isolation membrane Allows moisture vapor transmission Resists penetration of both oil and water based contaminants Protects from construction period soil Eases ongoing maintenance Not affected by household cleaners Invisibility insures that future grout repair will not look different

Product Testing:
Approved by Ceramic Tile Institute

Independent laboratory tests completed and passed concerning:

  • Stain resistance
  • Coefficient of friction
  • Exterior curtain wall water penetration
  • Disinfectant use
Use as sealer to resist below surface penetration of contaminants on:
  • Standard, sanded or unsanded Portland cement grout
  • Latex-modified, cementitious sanded or unsanded grout
  • May be used on interior or exterior installations
Expected Wear:
Five to Seven years under normal use

Durability and effectiveness affected by porosity and composition of grout

Application particulars:
  • May be applied 48 hours after grouting
  • Will be completed in 1day
  • Ready for traffic within 30 minutes
  • Always applied by hand–no adverse effects on surrounding surfaces
  • Sealed grout should be kept dry for at least 12 hours
  • Will achieve full cure in 24 hours

Before and After

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