Natural Stone: Benefits of Sealing

  • Prolong life of natural stone
  • Protect natural stone against staining
  • Ease maintenance of natural stone
  • Enhance beauty of natural stone
Natural stone cleaning

Natural Stone Cleaning & Sealing in Dallas, Texas and the greater DFW areas

Seal New Natural Stone

Seal Systems uses only premium quality breathing type sealers which will not trap moisture within the stone and will not interfere with the natural self cleansing calcification process of stones such as limestone


Seal Systems will do an initial sealing process after the stone has been installed. This process, done prior to grouting will prevent grout from adhering to the surface of the stone. It will also prevent the pigment from colored grout from bleeding into the stone. Done correctly, presealing will not hinder grout from bonding to the grout joint.


The installer’s concept of clean and Seal Systems’ concept of clean are usually quite different. Any soil on the surface of the stone will be emulsified and carried down into the stone by the sealer. We are committed to having the stone as clean as it can possibly be before any sealer is applied. After a thorough general cleaning the stone is detailed to remove excess grout, installer’s pencil marks, and any other blemishes which can be safely removed.

Final Seal

Seal Systems offers three basic types of sealers for natural stone.

  • 1. Natural for protection without changing the original appearance of the stone.
  • 2. Enhancing for highlighting the characteristics, color and luster of the stone. This is a wet look without a coating.
  • 3. Coating for highlighting the characteristics and color of the stone while producing a semi gloss shine

Refurbish Existing Natural Stone

Seal Systems uses techniques developed through years of research and experience to safely and effectively restore the beauty of natural stone.

Deep Cleaning

Soil will find its way deep into the pores of the stone. This may be a result of not sealing the stone immediately after installation, or can be caused by improper cleaning methods. Knowledge of the correct cleaning material and method is critical. An uninformed choice here could destroy or permanently damage the stone or at the very least result in a poor job. No shortcuts will be taken, we will utilize the safest and most effective materials and methods to restore the stone and grout. Steam cleaning will damage most stone floors especially the softer travertine or limestone floors. Steam pressure enters into the capillaries and has no way to escape other than to cause expansion or breaking down of these miniature tunnels and caves in the stone. The crumbling of the stone from within does not become obvious until foot traffic eventually makes the broken down capillaries collapse from the pressure of the footfall. Scrub machines will damage Natural Stone with their abrasive scrubbing and of course will make a mess of all surrounding surfaces. Hand cleaning and proper rinsing is even more important on Natural Stone than on ceramic or porcelain tile. If the stone requires sealing or resealing we will then apply the appropriate sealer.


In some cases an inappropriate product has been used to seal the stone and must be completely removed. The stone may have a build up of a coating or wax which must be removed. These situations require a chemical stripping process. Done correctly, stripping will have no negative effect on the floor or surroundings. Because this is a chemical process there will be no resulting dust. It is imperative that the stripper to be used is strong enough to remove the sealer or coating without use of harmful abrasives which will damage the surface of the stone. Seal Systems has developed the strongest, most effective stripper in the industry and has it commercially manufactured to our precise specifications. This product is not available through any store, contractors supply, janitorial supply or any other supplier and is not simply a private label product which is mass produced for various companies to use under their own name. While the stripper must be handled carefully by our fully trained staff, it is nonflammable and will leave behind no toxic residue. The stripping process is always done on hands and knees with hand held brushes and the resulting sealer residue is picked up with clean wiping cloths. The floor then gets a second rinse with a highly evaporative nonflammable solvent to ensure that no residue of the stripper or previous sealer or coating remains. We will then apply the appropriate sealer.

Before and After

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